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EK's lavender silk weft

I’ve been successfully balancing weaving and not-weaving in the past few days. I’m now halfway through E’s wrap with the lavender silk, so it’s all downhill from here!

I have a home energy audit scheduled for this afternoon. They apparently take 3-4 hours! I expect I’ll be able to do my own thing for most of that time, so plan to do more weaving. I’m really interested to see what they say about my home’s energy usage and how to minimize it.

I know some people are reading to hear about Jack, so here’s an update on that score. After the day that he didn’t feel well (no clue what that was about), Jack & I have had some issues. He’d spend an hour outside and then come in and pee on the carpet. Not typical or acceptable. Cleaned up after him 4 times in 24 hours, and had to figure out what the heck was going on and how to address it.

Here’s my analysis. Jack was really unhappy about being stuck out in the yard and having to watch me go for a walk without him. One might say he was pissed off. So he came inside and told me that in the only way he had.

I’d explained that this was doctor’s orders, and was to get him healthy. More than once told him this. He didn’t care.

So this morning this is what we did: I got up, did my yoga, put his harness on (which means going for a walk), put him out in the yard, and went for my walk. Walked as quickly as I could to maximize my mileage and minimize the time away. Came home and attached the leash and we walked around the block – about 1/2 mile – despite the fact that this is 2 days earlier than prescribed.

We walked slowly, with no pressure to move along on my part. Jack was clearly very happy, with his feathery tail wagging most of the time. We came home, he ate breakfast, and we played. It’s already early afternoon and there’s no indoor peeing.

I had to choose between Jack’s emotional health and his physical health. He doesn’t care what the doctor ordered, or the fact that this might not be the best for his little body. I believe I made the right decision. And that this is the pattern we’ll follow for at least the next several days. If he can only do 1/2 mile long term, so be it. I can do the rest of my walk alone, and can get it done much more quickly than if I’m with him anyway. We can live with this.

I’ll talk to the vet more next time we have to go in for something, but since we came home from hearing her mention his “unusual confirmation” I’ve been paying a lot of attention to his body – how it looks and how it moves. My current analysis is that he has a form of doggie dwarfism. His really stout body, especially his front legs and feet, his bowlegged walk-especially if he’s moving quickly-fits. He doesn’t have a large head or overbite, also typical symptoms, and the vet may disagree with me. But I already know she’s concerned about arthritis and joint problem potential in his future. I’ll have to carefully watch his weight, and the next time I buy dog food will get the type designed for this, but he is what he is. We can’t change that.

We can, however, be happy with each other, and with our lives, and do what we need to do to manage symptoms as they present themselves. Quality of life…that’s what we all want, two-legged and four-legged alike.

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  • Well, glad you and Jack finally settled things! Mental health is SO important! He has been on a lot of antibiotics and when we have a dog go through several long courses like I am sure he has, I put them on Forteflora for a month which is a probiotic and it has worked WONDERS. A healthy gut equals a healthy immune system. As to joint care I wouldn’t bother with the in dog food stuff, they put just enough in to advertise it on the bag. A better solution might be to supplement him with something like Cosequin. There are many joint supplements on the market now and you should be able to find one that is effective and cost efficient. Thank you for the update and oh my, what LOVELY weaving!

    • Peg Cherre

      Jack has been getting Fortiflora for the last few days. I think I can see a difference in his skin issue – no smell and the oiliness isn’t recurring. He’ll get another bath on Friday, but I’m really confident we can clear up that issue. I wasn’t thinking of joint health dog food, more of a lower calorie food as he really shouldn’t put on weight and could stand to lose a pound or two…gradually over time, if course. Don’t want the little boy to feel hungry, ‘cuz I imagine he’s had plenty of that to last a lifetime in the horde he was in. The vet doesn’t recommend a joint supplement now, although he is getting fish oil. Thanks for your comments, Theresa!

  • Alma

    Well, apparently Jack speaks volumes! And you are a pro at interpreting! What a pair you two are! Your common sense and knowledge of medicine (both human an pet-world) will stand you both in good stead.

    It will be interesting to see how the energy audit goes. You have forced air heat now?

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