New Studio!

new studio

Truth be told, I could have posted as early as Tuesday, but as you might imagine, I’ve been a tad busy. 🙂

The movers transported all (most, really) of my belongings on Saturday. I can’t say enough good things about them — Interior Moving — use them if you have the chance.

I also can’t say enough good things about my kids. My daughter was here for at least 6 hours on Saturday and got my kitchen completely put away, set up, and organized. Terrific job. My son had to work, but came by immediately after work to save us. There was a…problem.

I had taken careful measurements to make sure the Macomber could get into the new weaving studio. Knew it’d be tight through doorways, but it’d work. It never occurred to me to take measurements of the little counterbalance loom. Hah! That’s where the problem was. This loom doesn’t fold and was too wide for all my doorways. Something had to be taken apart. That’s where my son stepped up to the plate. He removed one of the sliding glass doors & the loom slid through. Then, obviously, replaced it.

My couch is short but puffy…just like me. The movers had to remove its stubby legs, the front door, and the hallway overhead light fixture to get it in.

But all went well. I am really pleasantly surprised by a few facts:

  • I did a very good job of getting rid of unnecessary things. My little house doesn’t look crowded, and in fact I need to buy a few things.
  • The unpacking is speeding along. Only 1.5 boxes left on this floor to unpack & put away, none in the basement, none in the garage. Yes, I have many boxes in the attic, but they won’t get unpacked. Christmas stuff, craft stuff, winter clothes, and things I may end up getting rid of a year from now (that’s the time frame I gave myself to re-look at those boxes).

Other really great things:

  • After several technical glitches, my new iPhone is now working fine. Never having had a smart phone before, using the keypad takes some getting used to…I’m remarkably S…L…O…W right now. My internet & TV are also now both functioning well.
  • I have terrific neighbors.  Steve & Barb are very friendly, sociable, and just plain swell.  Bella, their dog, will get to know me.  Since I’m on a corner, they’re my only immediately-next-door neighbors.
  • My son is a really handy guy.  He’s helped me with several things already…today I hope to hang the eye hooks for the warping valet so I can get a warp wound this weekend!
  • My daughter has helped with what seems like hundreds of things. I can call on her almost any time and get a speedy answer or extra set of hands.
  • As I type, my car is at a wonderful local garage getting an oil change, inspection, and heat shield rattle fixed.
  • In an hour or so the guy will be here to replace my old garage door opener with one that has an electric eye and auto-stop function.
  • Monday afternoon the landscaper guy will come to talk to me about  my plans for removing some things and planting others.
  • I can easily walk to all of these places, and lots more: the library, the car repair place, the local hardware store, several restaurants, the bank (I have yet to change banks from my southern tier option), and my kids’ houses.

Best good thing:  I LOVE MY NEW HOUSE!!!  When I went back to Friendship to do the final car load/clean thing, I expected it’d be pretty emotional for me.  After all, my husband & I built that home beam by beam, nail by nail, with our own two hands, and I’d lived there for 30+ years.  But you know what?  It wasn’t.  It didn’t feel like home.  My new house already felt like home, even though I’d been here for less than 48 hours at that point.

So while I’d love to give you more info, more news, the reality is I still have many things to take care of, like cancelling my old cell service, changing my business address, researching doctors, carrying all that cardboard out to the garage for recycling, finding area rugs for the living room and spare room…you get the idea.

9 comments to New Studio!

  • Judy T

    Ahhh Peg – you made my heart sing when I looked at your new weaving studio and read your post… especially the 2nd last paragraph!!!! I’m so incredibly happy for you!!! May your new home always be good to you!

  • Alma

    Oh, Peg – this makes me so happy to hear how things have gone for you! The weaving studio looks beyond wonderful – – all those cabinets and drawers for storage.

    How amazing that in a really short space of time you have so few items left to take care of. God bless you and the kids – -has little man been over yet? How does Red feel about all this?

    Give me a call, please with your new number, when you get a chance!


  • Perry

    Home is where your heart is, Peg. I love your studio. So bright.
    Welcome to your new home.

  • Oh what a beautiful space! And so glad the CB loom challenge was solved. Kudos to both your kids for helping to make the transition smooth for you. To many happy hours spent in your wonderful new home. Cheers!

  • Peg Cherre

    Thanks so much for all your comments. It’s good to know that people are reading, and all the well wishes do make a difference…the universe hears you, and so do I!

  • Vicki

    I am working my way through your posts! Oh Peg…I just love your studio! Actually your house looks perfect for you! Didn’t realize that you’d be within walking distance of both your kids! Perfect!!!! And the other conveniences so close by. Very very nice! All the best to you!

  • Peg Cherre

    Thanks, Vicki. My new home is just wonderful! Do stop by if you come to Rochester.

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