New acquisitions (and more weaving)

Although I still haven’t found any kitchen chairs, I’ve been looking, a lot. Today I went to 4 thrift stores. No chairs, but I did buy a really sweet, little table to replace a TV tray in my living room.

pembroke table, front

It’s reportedly a Pembroke mahogany table. If that’s true, I got a steal of a deal from a vendor at Greenovations – $55. Even if it’s not a Pembroke, I think it’s really lovely, and the right size & color for me.

Pembroke table side

I definitely wanted something of that height there, although I’d thought I needed to have something with a lower shelf to house a DVD player, so I’ll have to rethink that plan. Or switch table places if I find something that meets both needs later.

My rug arrived for the spare room today, too.

spare room rug

The colors are just what I wanted, and I like the patterning. I knew the rug was made from wool & viscose, but none of the pictures I saw online showed me the distinctness of the fibers and heights.

rug close

I’m not at all sure how those raised areas, which are clearly the viscose, will wear. I’m going to have to live with this rug for a week or 2 and make a decision during my 30-day return window.

I have been weaving, too. I have about 140″ of JM’s wrap woven, with 80 more to go. I’m sure I can get those 80″ woven tomorrow. (I’ve thought that before, too, so we’ll see.) I wanted to give you a better idea of how nicely the colors were playing together, but none of the photos I took were at all realistic for color. A recent post by Sandra Rude explained that many small digital point-and-shoots have trouble getting accurate colors with reds because they have a lower quality sensor than bigger DSL cameras. I wish I understood that. 😉 So you can get a good sense of how great the framboise works with the blues here, but the red color is completely off.

center of JMC's wrap

Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for the tencel for AF’s wrap, the sister to this one, to arrive. The good news is that I’ll be spending next week at a lake house with my family, so I won’t be weaving anyway. It will be more relaxing for me to know that I couldn’t weave even if I was home. 😉

2 comments to New acquisitions (and more weaving)

  • Alma

    Ooooh – I love the little table, but especially with the little lamp on it!!

    FYI – from the sister who didn’t take French: framboise is raspberry
    fraise is strawberry

    You made such good choices with the rugs!!

    See you soon!

  • I love the rug and its distinct texture. I’ll be curious to see if you decide to keep it. Great small table. Reminds me of one my mom used to have in her place.

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