Wanna help?

For many months I’ve known that there will be a period of time when, because of moving, I’ll have much easier access to my computer than I will to my weaving looms. That time is rapidly approaching.

I’ll weave the baby wrap warp I put on the loom yesterday, but I won’t put another […]

Wrapping it up

Today I mailed the wraps to ZN & NZ.

From left to right, it’s navy tencel flowers, black cotton hearts, and black tencel hearts.

Since getting them off the loom, in addition to doing all the finish work, I’ve done the usual things like mowing the lawn, washing the dishes, yadda yadda yadda. Plus […]

Back to hearts

Wednesday I started the day by changing the tie up on my Macomber back to the hearts pattern and winding bobbins of black tencel for NZ. I wove a few inches and my septic guy arrived to scope out the job. He told me he’d be back in a few hours to do the work, […]

Two Terrific Days

I have had 2 really terrific days in a row. Life is so good, it’s incredible. Let’s go chronologically.

Yesterday morning I managed to get about half of ZN’s second wrap — a short one for a ring sling — woven. Here’s where I went from a black Egyptian cotton weft in my common hearts […]

To Do & Undo

Usually when I write about having to undo what I’ve done, it’s all about the weaving. Not today. Today I spent at least 4 hours doing things and then undoing them.

It started this morning. I spent well over an hour gathering my recyclables — plastic, paper, glass, & metal — as well as […]