More, more, more

More of the same – more packing and more weaving. I’m very happy with my progress on both fronts. The dining room turned jewelry-making studio turned office and cotton storage has 2 more boxes to go. One I can’t pack till I’m done with the baby wraps and can pack up all that cotton; the other is my computer, printer, and related supplies. Other than that, the room is done.

The weaving studio, which also houses bookshelves and my receiver, CD player and music, probably also has 2 boxes to go, or maybe 3. I expect I’ll finish that room tomorrow. I’ve made great progress in the bathroom and started the bedroom. I’m not sure if I’ll return to one of those rooms or start on the kitchen next. My gut will tell me which way to head when it’s time. It hasn’t failed me so far.

With the upstairs and basement done, plus the great progress noted above, I’d guess that I’m more than half done, and I have at least 2 1/2 weeks left, so I’m feeling positive about it all. I do wish that the closing date on my new house was a certain thing, but I think it’s sort of like your due date when you’re pregnant…mostly theoretical. Unlike babies who sometimes choose to come early, closing dates never do.

Meanwhile I’m weaving right along. Here’s me ending RD’s 4.2M wrap and starting KD’s 2M wrap.

RD's wrap to KD's

KD’s weft is a natural cotton-hemp blend, whereas RD’s cotton-hemp yarn was hand painted. I really liked the way the hand painted yarn worked so well with the warp colors. And I really like the way KD’s is so bright and cheery.

I got KD’s short warp woven in one day, so today I was able to start the 3rd wrap on this warp, a 3.2M wrap for LS. Her weft is honey cotton. This reinforces the earthiness of the warp colors.

KD's wrap to LS's

I expect to finish the weaving on Monday, then a day or two of off-loom finishing before they’ll be ready to mail.

By sometime next week I’ll be done with my weaving in Friendship, and I’ll be ready to start working on my website when I’m not packing. Have you found any sites you think I should check out for their great designs? Do let me know!

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