A Thing of Beauty

Ever since I bought my first loom, I’ve been weaving with the shuttle that came with it. It’s an old LeClerc shuttle, and it fits my hand well and is soooo nice and light.

I’ve purchased 2 new LeClerc shuttles, but the closed bottom one was too heavy so I returned it. (I never would have thought that 1/2 ounce would make so much difference, but when you weave as much as I do, it was definitely noticeable.) Although I kept the open bottom shuttle, it is not my favorite. I use it only when I need to keep 2 (or more) shuttles going at once.

Once or twice a year Jon, over at Canopus, makes really beautiful shuttles. Usually I’m too slow on the uptake to get one of his lightweight shuttles.

Canopus business card

But not this time! I saw his notice of new shuttles for sale on the first day and snagged myself one.

Although they are pricey compared to a standard one, Jon’s shuttles are indeed things of beauty. Since I spend so much time weaving, I decided I deserve it.

new shuttle, top view

new shuttle, side view

In fact, I’ve ordered another of the same weight, a tiny bit shorter on the ends for my small hands.

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