Loaded up

wood ducks

I looked out at my pond this afternoon and saw 2 male and 1 female wood duck floating around while it was sprinkling. They really are beautiful birds. The poor quality image is because I had to shoot it through the window…wood ducks spook very easily, and I knew if I opened the door they’d fly away.

My brain and body can both be filled with activity that isn’t weaving. Right now it’s doing the spring cleaning to once again get my house all pretty for showing it. The schedule for my helper isn’t working as well as planned, so Monday I decided I’d simply take on one room a day. That way it’s manageable for me, since I really hate cleaning.

My method of handling jobs I don’t want to do is to do the worst thing first. For me, that’s the basement. On Monday I did the basement. On Tuesday I did the bathroom. Today I did my bedroom. I’m happy with my progress, it just pulls me away from from my loom.

Still I’ve finished weaving PK’s first warp, with dark mauve cotton weft. My favorite part is the dark pink to raspberry. Yummy.
PK's wrap with dark mauve weft

Tomorrow I’ll start on her shorter wrap, with a light tencel weft.

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