Busy day

I worked really hard today. I spent about 2 hours shoveling snow. Came inside and made some phone calls, vacuumed, and decided I needed to do something sedentary for a while. So I fringed & washed the third red gradient shawl. Tomorrow I’ll press all three, and that’s when I’ll see if there are any inconsistencies that would knock one or more out of the running for a hands-on jury.

Took the dog for a short walk (too cold for a long one), and still needed more chair time, so I set about beading the fringe on my taquete shawl for jurying.

beaded fringe on taquete shawl

You wouldn’t think it would take too long to do this to all four edges, would you? You’d be wrong. I ended up working for almost 2 hours on this from choosing the beads to putting everything away. A dozen Swarovski crystals, each with an aurora borealis finish giving them a colorful glow, and a few seed beads really dressed up the shawl, I think.

I ate some dinner and took a nice, hot bath. Then I beamed the warp for AM & HF.

AM & HF's warp beamed

Those simple, bright colors are so cheerful, they make me smile even when I’m this tired.

Now it’s time to simply veg a bit in front of the tube. Tomorrow’s another day.

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