The Skinny

When I’m measuring the warp for my baby wraps, I have to make 4 ’bouts’ or groups of threads. Each bout is roughly 190 threads wide. Not only is that the capacity of my warping mill, but wider bouts tend to cause beaming problems.

I take those bouts over to the loom, insert the lease sticks (here they’re 2 small PVC pipes – so smooth that no threads EVER catch on them), thread them on to a rod and tie the rod to the back beam. Here’s how the warp for JS & YY looked at that point.

JS & YL's warp, skinny

The next step is spreading the warp to the correct width, using a tool called a raddle. (That’s the board with the nails in it, which I’ve clamped to the loom with Irwin Quick Clamps). I’ve done that here.

JS & YL's warp, spread in the raddle

From left to right, the warp colors are turquoise, pale green, pale yellow, peach, pale pink, and dark pink. Looks like a selection of sorbets to me. Yum!

After that I use my warping valet to beam the warp – that is, wind it on the back beam under tension. Got that done today, too. I’ll start threading tomorrow.

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