Really??? 7???


Although I don’t go through much in a year, not more than a dozen foil packets, Brioschi is far and away my effervescent antacid of choice. Originally made in Italy. And now discontinued.

I have only a few of their foil packets left (which I much prefer to the bottle since they stay fresh). So figured I’d better search around for an alternative. After reading a bunch of customer reviews, it looked like my best bet was Galeffi, also originated in Italy.

So I ordered a bottle now to check it out and make sure I had some on hand. It came in yesterday’s mail. In a padded Priority Mail envelope.

I opened the envelope and there was another padded Priority Mail envelope. And another. And another. It was like an Alice in Wonderland experience…would I ever get to the inside? It took a long time.

padded shipping bags

There were 7 of them, each inside another! 7! While the Galeffi bottle is glass, I hardly think it needed 7 padded bags to protect it during shipping.

Being the person I am, now I’ll have to find ways to use them. I can’t just throw them away.

Although my stomach was fine last night, I had to open the bottle and try 1/2 dose of the Galeffi to taste it. It was okay. Not Brioschi, but way better than Alka Seltzer.

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