Changing Colors

I’ve gotten lots of weaving done in the past few days. In fact, I finished weaving JS’s wrap and am more than halfway through YY’s first wrap.

I had a bunch of knots in the warp threads so had to replace them. That meant hanging repair threads, each of which required some attention every time I’d woven 7 or 8 inches. So my preference is to wait until I get to the end of one piece — one wrap in this case — and switch out the repair thread with the original warp thread, long past the offending knot. I bring that original thread over the back beam, through the heddle & reed, and pin it to the fabric.

replacement warp threads

I had five repair threads in this warp and couldn’t wait to be done with them.

In the next picture you can see the end of JS’s burgundy tencel weft and the beginning of YY’s seafoam Egyptian cotton weft. (Although I’ve gotten a bunch of decently colored pics of late, neither of these are. I tried all the tricks I’ve used successfully for the past few weeks, but couldn’t get anything good this time.)

burgundy to seafoam wefts

The arrows point to where I’ve cut the leftover warp threads. Honestly, I usually leave them longer than I did here. I thought I could make them disappear for the picture, but that’s not the case. I’m not worried about unraveling because as soon as the fabric comes off the loom it will go to my sewing machine where I’ll sew a few lines in preparation for cutting & hemming.

I’m pushing to get these wraps finished because I have to do another warp on this loom that will hopefully be for my jurying.

As an aside, I tried more things this time and have decided that the live weight system isn’t compatible with my baby wrap warps. I weave these wraps under high tension and simply cannot achieve that with the live weights. At least not with my current knowledge.

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