Hand Painted Weft

I finished KM’s custom baby wrap so it was time to start SB’s. She’s my first mom who decided on hand painted yarn for her weft.

hand painted weft yarn

This yarn was custom dyed for us by Susan at iowaweaver – the same woman who inspired my turned taquete towels! How cool is that?!

Looking at a single skein of hand painted yarn helps explain how the painting is done.

a hand painted skein

Before I can weave with the skeins I have to wind them into balls. I admit, I’d forgotten about the time this can take. I’ll have to work that time into the price of the wrap next time.

hand painted weft in balls

I enjoy using hand painted yarn – it’s always fun to see how the color repeats work out. The number of colors, length of the skein, and width of the woven piece all have an impact on the outcome.

weaving with hand painted weft

This looks particularly great on the black sections of the warp. And especially on the underside, which I can’t show you till it’s off the loom.

hand painted weft weaving close up

Tomorrow I’ll figure out my order of cotton for the next customs – 2 wraps and a baby blanket.

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