500 Steps

Although the temperature was about 31 degrees this morning, it’s a beautiful, sunny, Autumn afternoon. I took my camera with me when I went for a walk. I spent the first part of the walk looking up.

I don’t recall oaks having this many colors. Usually they go from green to a brief span of dull gold and then brown.

rounded oak

This year the oaks are green and gold, peach and salmon, burgundy and copper.
oaks of many colors

And the sumacs — oh, my! They are on fire!


So many colors in just a few plants. Standing right next to each other, how can they be so beautifully different?

sumac on fire

I think this is cohosh. Whatever it is, the magenta leaves and blue-black berries are lovely.

cohosh leaves & berries

Even these prickly vines, never producing berries, are beautiful.
thorny weeds

And where the leaves are completely gone, the sun on the tree trunks and leaf litter has a grace all its own.
sun through the trunks

The sky is so blue against the dark trees and white clouds.
pines & sky

I decided to look down for the walk back home.

While a very poor year for wild apples, it’s a heck of a year for acorns.
lots of acorns

A few red clover blossoms hang on.

red clover blossom

The leaves on the ground need no narratives.

oak & maple leaves

oak leaf holding water

oak leaf & shadow

birch leaf & droplets

These are just a few of the MANY shots I took, all within only 500 steps from my front door. I’d love to see what your camera would find within 500 steps of your door. Do comment and let me know where I can find them on your blog or other public location.

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