It Got Worse

This was a REALLY busy week at my paycheck job. Instead of working 2 or 3 days I had to work 5. Long ones. Yesterday was our largest annual fund raiser, and it requires lots of effort. Thankfully, it’s over now.

As a result of all that time away from home, I had little time to deal with my warp problem. I had suggestions from 3 different weavers and gave a great deal of thought to which I’d try. I ended up deciding that I’d re-insert the lease sticks, sley the reed, apply tension, and unwind the warp. Then I’d fix the bad section and rebeam.

I didn’t get far at all before I was in a very bad place. Here’s the left side of the warp.

left hand mess

I did expect difficult there, but not this bad. And somehow the right side of the loom had issues now, too.

right side mess

Since I’d probably only unwound about 1 yard of the 14, I knew I could never succeed with this effort. Once again, I walked away and tried to think. I decided I had to cut off the problem threads, rebeam to the back, and go from there.

a missing tooth

It looks like a mouth with a missing front tooth.

So I took careful count of what I had on the loom and what was missing, and wound a new bout to fill in that gap. 200 threads total.

rewound bout

Now “all” that’s left is to figure out how to wind these replacement threads on something to maintain tension. Easier said than done. Time to sit and ponder a bit again.

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