Hearts & Flowers

A, who’s getting the sister wrap to the gorgeous rainbows you’ve already seen, asked me if I could weave a slightly different design for her. She sent me an image of a hearts & flowers weaving draft, saying she couldn’t find anyone who could weave it for her.

The design required only 8 harnesses, but the way she showed it needed 11 treadles, more than an 8 harness loom has. No problem….several of the treadles were tied up identically. So I modified the tie up and the treadling sequence and we were good to go.

A wanted me to start her wrap with my standard hearts tie up, then switch to her pattern. Look how nicely that worked out.
hearts & flowers transition

Isn’t it interesting that the hearts themselves are offset from one pattern to the next?

Then she asked for an alternate treadling for several inches in the center of the wrap. Again, no problem, as long as I didn’t have to change the tie up again. I showed her 7 options, and she picked the one she liked best. I forgot to take a shot showing the transition but here’s the center treadling pattern.

alternate treadling

I should be able to finish these two wraps on Friday. Then I have to try something in prep for my community weaving project.

7 comments to Hearts & Flowers

  • Goodness, you’re patient. That’s all I got! I’m too tired working it out.

  • Peg Cherre

    Yeah, I don’t know that I would have been able to work it out if she hadn’t sent me a draft image that just needed tie up modification. I am definitely unskilled at looking at a piece of weaving and working out threading and treadling, even with great software. I just give up and move on.

  • Jasmine

    Hi there,

    My friend who is getting one of these wraps shared your blog with me. I’m very interested to get a wrap with this kind of weave. How can we go about it?

    Can you email me as I can’t find your email address here.


  • These are all very pretty and mystifying the same time, but it’s lacking a bit in the ‘things that pertain to Amanda’ department.

    This is the right way to order more kitchen towels, right?

    • Peg Cherre

      You need to think more creatively, Amanda. See all the colors I use in the baby wraps? I have leftovers of almost all of them, they’re cotton, and they’d make lovely, soft, absorbent kitchen towels. 🙂

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