The Real Deal

Meghan, my first baby wrap order and first sample wrap tester, has done her 5-day test and passed the sample wrap on to mama #2. Although she initially thought she wanted the wrap a little lighter in weight, Meghan decided that she wants me to weave her real wrap at the same sett.

I started weaving today, using Meghan’s chosen black linen weft.

Meghan's wrap

I figured it would take the same 15 minutes to weave 7″ that it took with the cream cotton. Hah!

Linen is trickier, even as weft. With almost each toss of the shuttle across the width, the linen yarn unwound too much and ended up tangling around the end of the pin. Futzing takes time, slows down the whole process.

After I’d woven about 50″ I finally figured out how I can do an extra move with the shuttle at the end of each row to minimize the problem and speed up a bit – I’m now approaching 7″ in 15 minutes.

I ran out of steam after about 80″. Tomorrow’s another day.

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