sumac in autumn

As usual, my thoughts about what the customers at the Letchworth Arts & Crafts Festival were completely wrong. Maybe I ought to decide what I think my customers will like and then make exactly the opposite thing, since that’s about how accurate I usually am. (What a grammatically poor sentence!)

I made mug rugs, more bookmarks, magnets, and cards specifically for this show, thinking that the customers wanted some lower-price-point options. Hah! I sold 10 bookmarks – less than I’v sold at almost any other show. 3 mug rugs, 3 magnets, and no cards. I did, however, have my 3rd largest show ever in terms of numbers of scarves & shawls sold. Just goes to show…I know nothing.

I spent today doing all those post-show necessities. Processing the credit card charges. Preparing a bank deposit. Returning the rental van. Entering sales in the computer. And then, just for fun, laying out every single piece of my tent – top, sides, and awnings – to dry, since all were damp (some wet) when I closed up on Monday. This is my last show of the season & I can’t have things getting moldy or mildewy while they sit around all winter.

So I spent a bunch of the afternoon doing nothing much. Reading a book. Responding to email. Making cauliflower curry. Reading some more.

In 2 weeks I’ll take part in A Well Crafted Weekend with some of my fellow Roycroft Artisans. Focus on demonstrations with some sales on the side. I plan to demo both loom weaving and bead weaving. Between now & then I’m going to focus on making a few over-the-top beaded ornament covers. I do love making them, don’t have any fancy-fancy ones now, and would like to have them for my November & December shows, so it all fits together.

Right now it’s off to a library board meeting.

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