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Despite my best intentions, I didn’t make myself actually tag scarves as I finished them. I found the little mind game I played on myself interesting. Since a scarf can’t be tagged before it’s received a final pressing, I stacked them up to press instead of doing the pressing as I went along. Did some part of my brain really think that was going to make the job easier?!

Although I didn’t have the more than four dozen scarves to tag that I did back in April, I was still facing a dozen and a half scarves that had to be tagged. And now I couldn’t put it off any longer, since I had a show that I needed to bring them to.

Thankfully, this time I made, and didn’t lose, a note about what colors and fibers I’d used so I didn’t have to go back to my invoices.
my notes

Scary looking, isn’t it? I wouldn’t expect anyone other than me to be able to decipher it. Add the crumbledness (is that a word?) and food stains and it looks like Oscar Madison wrote this one.

I still had to make a bunch of new tags, though. No matter how many tags I have in my little stash box, I don’t seem to have the ones I need.

I do love the way they look all stacked up.
tagged scarves

In getting ready for the show, I also had to weave some bookmarks. I had only 3 or 4 in stock, so I wove up two dozen.
2 dozen bookmarks

I thought I was doing pretty good, until I read Amanda’s blog & learned that she took an order for 2,000 bookmarks! That woman is amazing!

Here’s a sweet, little closing for you.
hummingbird on line
The ruby-throated hummingbirds like to rest on my clothesline before heading back to sip more nectar from my flowers.

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