Winter Berries

Still a bit under the weather, although improving (I only took 5 naps yesterday), I’m happy to share things I wove just before the creeping crud (aka RSV) hit.

Tammy’s colorway Berries is a new one to me. I ordered it in my order-red-yarn frenzy. In my usual fashion, I had her dye me some skeins of the variegated and one skein each of two different coordinating solids. I wove them all with a simple point twill threading and treadling. On the right is the same variegated weft as warp, on the left is the darkest solid, in the middle the lightest solid.

handwoven scarves, bamboo tencel Berries

I really like these three. Part of the reason is the color, for sure, but part of it is also the weaving pattern. Clean and simple, so that neither the pattern nor the color needs to take a back seat. They play nicely together. This reinforces what I’ve been (re)learning lately, that when I’m using variegated yarn, I must use simple threadings and treadlings. I can remember this, I’m sure.

For a while at least.

Your turn: what lessons do you need to learn again and again?

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