Handwoven Hearts Baby Blankets

After weaving several scarves, I decided I wanted to add some more handwoven baby blankets to my stock. I only have a few, and I had to re-do the binding on two of those to make it right.

In one of the weaving blogs I read, Unraveling, Meg showed the design of baby blanket she was weaving, made of hearts. I really liked it, and Meg gave me permission to use it. However, Meg’s design is uses more harnesses than I have.

I have a good software program for weaving design, and I’d drafted some lovely twill patterns, but nothing as complex as hearts. I was pretty sure I couldn’t do it. But I sat down and gave it a shot anyway. (Actually, when I went back to it to link to this post, I realized Meg’s design only uses lots of harnesses in doubleweave, which I wasn’t planning to do. But that’s what I thought when I sat down to do the design work. Her design does use 17 treadles! I have 10.)

It only took five attempts to get a pattern that I liked. On the computer screen that is. I’m never sure if things will turn out on the loom the way they look digitally.

Semi-confidently, I measured 498 threads for the warp for 4 baby blankets, threaded the heddles, tied up the treadles, and held my breath.

red hearts handwoven baby blanket

YAHOO!! I really like the pattern! I loosened the warp so that I could get a shot of both front and back at the same time to show how the hearts show up in reverse.

I’ve finished weaving this one in cranberry. I’m going to make one pink, one blue, and the last? I’m not sure – maybe green, maybe lavender, maybe repeating one of the other colors.

I ordered 1″ binding; the 2″ binding that I can buy at the store seems too large for a little baby blanket to me. These blankets will be off the loom for some time before the binding arrives, but that will give me time to wet finish them. (I learned that I must do this prior to sewing on the binding; that’s why I had to re-do the ones I mentioned earlier.)

Your turn: have you done something you didn’t think you could do lately?

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