It Can’t Hurt To Ask

I’m used to selling my handwoven scarves at art & craft shows, and from my website. That’s how I sell what I make. That’s what I need to focus on.

Or is it?

NY Wine & Culinary CenterThe other day I got a fairly standard marketing email from the New York Wine & Culinary Center, a lovely organization about 75 miles from me. They told me about some cooking classes, a Valentine’s Day celebration, and a 1-day, indoor, winter festival to promote NYS wines, cheeses, and other yummies.

When I was reading the email, something in my subconscious brain told me to click on the link to their festival. Once I’d read more about it, I decided, “Hmmm…I know that this place is really serious about promoting buying local. Although they focus on foods and wines, maybe they’d like to offer some wonderful handwoven scarves as another option for their visitors.”

So, completely out of character for me, I called them up & asked. It took a few phone calls & an email, but the end result is very positive – they’re eager to have me there. AT NO COST TO ME!

I will have a very small space for display of my scarves, so I’ll need to plan carefully about what I bring with me — likely mostly winter weights (mohair, alpaca, & rayon chenille) with some lighter scarves perfect for indoor wear thrown in for good measure. If you’re anywhere in the area, do stop by the nICE Festival in Canandaigua on February 26. There’ll be samplings, music, demos, and more.

I’m psyched! I went outside my comfort zone and asked, and got invited to join them. Hopefully this will be a positive experience for all concerned, and I’ll have the confidence to try this strategy again.

Your turn: have you reached out with positive results that were a pleasant surprise?
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