Maple Cubes

This is just one of nature’s little oddities. At least to me it is.

Those cubes in the bottom of this small jar — doesn’t it look like they’re mostly melted ice cubes at the bottom of a glass? But they’re not. They’re cubes of maple sugar, left at the bottom of a jar […]


I think I bought one pomegranate in my life, many years ago, and didn’t enjoy it. I thought you had to eat just the red juicy part and spit out the seeds. Way too much work to eat that way, and way too much waste.

Years later I learned that you’re supposed to eat everything, […]

Beet Soup

Although it felt too weird to take pictures of the soup when my friends were here, I had some beet soup left over, so took a shot when I ate it a few days later. It was delicious! I’d love to give you the recipe, but I sort of mushed two recipes together, made some […]

New Soup

I tried a soup recipe from one of my Christmas presents: 400 Soups. It’s a Bacon Lentil soup, supposed to be more stew-like. I make a pretty good lentil soup, so thought I’d really like this. Bacon? Come on, how could that be bad?! Well, I was disappointed. It was just ok. Not hearty […]

My daughter convinced me to enter a photo in the Snap Local, Snap Fresh online contest. Designed to encourage and support the local food movement, winners will receive prizes from the NY Wine & Culinary Center in Canandaigua — a very cool place.

This is asparagus grown in my garden. I’ve had a bed […]