Unintended design elements

I finished that warp of 3 scarves shown recently on the loom. I used an undyed ring-spun bamboo warp and 3 colors for weft. Above is my favorite, an olive tencel.

I had wanted to keep the scarves all bamboo, but don’t have much in my stash (and am not buying more yarns, remember?), […]

Who did this?

This hole appeared in my front garden. Jack didn’t do it. Squirrels live in trees so I they didn’t do it. I had millions of chipmunks in the country and I think their holes were smaller than this. So my guess is bunnies. That they see all the veggies and figured they’d live close […]

So soft and cozy

Why was rayon chenille calling to me during a warm spell in late May? There are, in fact, good reasons.

I’d purchased many cones of the luscious stuff over a year ago when it was on sale. I couldn’t do anything about it when I was weaving baby wraps pretty much full time. Almost all […]