Curtains and more

I rarely get on-the-spot-inspired to make a piece of 2-dimensional art. Saturday was different. I walked into the Rochester Central Library to their monthly Artist At Work series. March’s artists were husband and wife Don & Cheryl Olney. I’ve talked with Cheryl at any number of art shows. Her bright, cheerful work in wood […]

More tools

I admit it. I don’t usually use a temple. (It’s a tool designed to pull the selvedges [sides] of the weaving out toward the sides of the loom.) I know plenty of weavers use them every single time. Me? I use one rarely. Mostly when I’m getting too much draw in (when the weft […]

Harder than I expected

Back when I lived in the sticks I didn’t need or have any curtains on my windows, a feature that disconcerted some visitors but that I really liked. All the light that was outside came right in.

My little house in the city came with blinds on all the windows. Based on what […]