It’s Surreal

I’ve had some of Tammy’s hand painted rayon boucle yarn in my stash for a while, and decided now was the time to use it. I build little ‘treats’ for myself, something I’ll let myself do when I reach a certain point. In this case, I decided I wouldn’t let myself use all that […]

Yummy Yarn

More of Tammy’s delicious hand painted yarn, dyed just for me, arrived!

This batch is all a blend of bamboo & cotton, providing some of the best of both fibers. I tried a few new colorways to push my typical color sensibilities. Can’t wait to make them into yummy handwoven scarves!


Golden Silk Scarf

Back in April I told you I was trying my hand at weaving with some VERY fine silk. Somehow time got away from me in showing you the finished handwoven silk scarf.

The scarf is wonderfully light and airy. It looks and feels like the picture my mind conjures up when I think the […]

Rigid Heddle Pick Up Weaving

Remember way back in January when I showed you a little bit of what I had on my rigid heddle loom? Well, I finally finished weaving the entire warp. I had to cut it off before it was completely done because my cloth beam was full.

I made lots of little pick up designs. […]