Garnet Weddings

When I was a girl the nuns taught us that red was the passion color. We were not allowed to have red & white checked tablecloths on the tables at our high school dances, nor to wear red dresses, for fear that we would stir our teenage dates into states of love that could not […]

Shiny Car

I’ve never been a real car buff. All that’s important to me is that my vehicle starts and stops when I want it to, gets me where I need to go, and is comfortable enough that I can stand up straight when I arrive. I do recognize the beauty in an old classic, however. My […]

Bee Story

The bee story starts a decade ago, so you don’t even want the Reader’s Digest Condensed version, but only the short-short version. And if this seems long, trust me, it’s short.

A swarm of bees splits off from the main hive when nature signals them to. For reasons only a little bee brain can determine, […]

Busy as a…bee?

I haven’t been able to post much lately because I’ve been really busy. That’s actually the good news. The Elmwood Avenue Art Festival was wonderful for me, despite a downpour Saturday morning, high winds that afternoon, and periodic rain on Sunday. I sold several of my handwoven scarves, a baby blanket, and a shawl that […]

September Contest – Still in the Sky

I fully intended to have a bracelet be the prize for the September contest, but when I went to make choices, I kept getting called back to a celestial theme. This pair of earrings is made with (manmade) hematite stars. I fancy that the hematite orbs dangling from them are planets, and the sterling wraps […]