Not exactly as planned

I got those last 2 rayon chenille shawls woven and finished, but I don’t have pix yet, so you’ll see them later. Meanwhile, I did some more hand painting. My goal was a very deep magenta, a pale magenta, and undyed. After a bit of painting I decided to add some yellow to the […]

Guess what I was doing?

Yep, dyeing. Specifically hand painting. And I have yet to find rubber or latex gloves that fit my small hands, resulting in my inability to do some things with gloves on.

This time I actually wrote down the ‘formula’ of amount of dye to urea water so I will know how much to […]

False starts

Moving forward on KY’s custom baby wrap, I got bout 4 wound. Not 4 colors like I’d said in my last post, but 3: chambray, bleu cobalt and bleu moyen.

Next step is to get it on the loom. I always do this under tension, using my version of a warping valet. (Unending thanks […]

Round and round we go

I just finished the last of my Christmas gifts this morning. Whew! I’ll be sharing them on Sunday, so can do a post with my gift handiwork next week.

So yesterday afternoon I took a break and wound bout 1 of KY’s custom baby wrap. Honestly, my body was not used to how […]

Twill block towels

Somehow I can’t stop weaving twill blocks. The straight edges & the contrast in the colors, they just draw me in. Apparently others, too.

My daughter asked me to weave a few towels for her to give as Christmas gifts. Sure, no problem. I gave her images of 6 weave patterns from my weaving […]