Some I love, some I hate

Among my indoor accomplishments yesterday I finished measuring all the yarn for CT & TS’s baby wraps. Isn’t this section to die for? I just love these colors, especially when they’re together.

I also took photos of the six finished scarves made from my painted warps. Once again I took well over 45 pictures […]

Weaving for Me

I’m waiting for a few moms to make decisions on the colors for their baby wraps. I’m taking the down time between wraps to weave for me – or rather to weave things I think I need for my upcoming shows — one this coming weekend and one the last weekend in August.

You […]

11 more handwoven scarves

I’m doing a bit of playing catch up here. I’ve been weaving as fast as I can, and now that I don’t need to try out a new loom, make decisions about which loom is staying, or do the work to sell the Varpa, I can get much more accomplished.

The first thing I did […]

Loom Issues #1

When I was weaving those eggshell cashmere silk lace scarves, I noted a problem that I thought might have been caused by an old reed, and decided to order a new stainless steel reed. That reed still hasn’t arrived, but I haven’t stopped weaving to wait for it.

After the eggshell scarf problems I decided […]

Quite the wait

This is not the way I wanted to start a new year – by having 10 days between blog posts. Writing a blog post has been on my list of things to do for over a week, and somehow, other things kept taking precedence. There’s nothing I can do about that now; I can only […]