Starting strong

October started really strong for meeting my 6-7 finished pieces per month. That’s mostly true because I don’t count scarves as done until they are fringed and wet finished. The 3 scarves I’ll show you were off the loom at the end of September, but not fringed or wet finished till early October. Way to […]

9, 10, but no big fat hen

After my success with my handmade semi-rigid heddle, I thought I was set for the real thing. Yes, the yarns were slightly different, but that shouldn’t present a particular problem. So I measured out the warp I intended to use, beamed it, and threaded it through my new ‘equipment.’

Then the trouble started. I […]

Unintended design elements

I finished that warp of 3 scarves shown recently on the loom. I used an undyed ring-spun bamboo warp and 3 colors for weft. Above is my favorite, an olive tencel.

I had wanted to keep the scarves all bamboo, but don’t have much in my stash (and am not buying more yarns, remember?), […]

Going public

Does the scarf in that spread look familiar? It’s my cityscape scarf, published in the new Handwoven magazine. This article was 11 months in the making, from me watching a webinar on how to submit to the magazine, to having the scarf accepted as a concept, to having it published. In between, the USPS […]

What I’ve been up to

I spent much of today on that little project. Went to the nursery as planned, and spent quite a bit of time looking for and then choosing the plants I wanted, thanks to the helpful greenhouse manager at Grossman’s Garden Center. I bought more tomato plants than I’d intended. Oh well. So I dug […]