Back up

After the last post my back healed. But then my stomach left me. Except for a few trips to the bathroom, I slept from 10PM on Friday night till 7AM on Sunday morning. My daughter graciously brought Jack to her house since I couldn’t walk him, or even hang out in my yard with […]

Much ado about nothing?

On Tuesday I realized I had no way to know if anything I did had any impact on whoever made and was using the hole in my front garden. So I placed two light but long bits of bark mulch over it. No one can go in or out without moving that.

Surprisingly, nothing […]

Stop me before I dig again

Despite what I said on Wednesday, the weather Thursday was so beautiful that I had to go out and work in the yard. Besides, with rain coming, it only made sense to get some things in the ground, didn’t it?!

So first I dug up this small plot. Previously it held only violets, and it’s […]

1 down, 1 to go

Before I had to leave to take Jack to advanced dog class (yes, we’ve gone beyond puppy class) on Tuesday evening I finished weaving LV’s baby wrap. With the natural cotton/hemp weft, every bit of Easter egg-y color is fully retained in this sweetly colored baby wrap.

Today I’ll start AT’s. Hers will look […]

How I spent my Easter vacation

I didn’t weave at all on Easter Sunday. But I do have a nice side shot of LV’s wrap, with a natural cotton/hemp weft, from my weaving on Saturday.

Instead, I started the day by giving Jack a springtime haircut. I intended to do before & after pix, but forgot the before so just […]