Dyed to win

Somehow it’s been almost 2 weeks since I’ve posted. I have put a photo or 2 on my Second Wind Facebook page, but they don’t require more than a sentence, so I can do it when I have just 2-3 minutes. Lots to show now, and more is almost done, despite my bum leg.

On that note, the chiropractor determined that the cause of all my physical ails on that leg were simply the result of incredibly tight calf and hamstring muscles. I’ve had 3 visits with her and am feeling soooo much better.

First, here are the results of my snow dyeing. I really like the way things turned out, although some required me to try more than once. In the end I decided that I needed to make a new batch of pre-soak.

yellow & green silk scarf

snow dyed yellow and green silk scarf

dyed red & orange silk scarf

snow dyed red and orange silk scarf

dyed blue & purple silk scarf

snow dyed blue and purple silk scarf

And now for the socks. All 4 at once. I like the way the chocolate dye ‘broke’ and showed some purple.

4 pair dyed socks

4 pair snow dyed socks

Then I finished the two pieces on that hand painted purple and red warp. After I got it on the loom I decided I wanted a weft color that really coordinated, so I went back to the basement and did a bit of immersion dyeing – tencel for one piece and cotton for the other.

I like both, although I still don’t know what I was thinking when I did my planning. These are too narrow to be shawls (which I had intended) and a bit wide for my preferred scarves. Thankfully, many of my customers like wide scarves.

The fringed scarf has a narrow band of black on each end, and I used my ‘feathers’ treadling pattern. This is the one with the tencel weft.

hand dyed and woven scarf, grape and red

For this one I decided to hem, not fringe. I used the cotton weft and switched to a diamond treadling pattern.

hand painted and woven purple and red scarf

I have 3 more pieces in the finishing stage and another hand painted warp on the loom. I’m hoping to be able to weave more with each passing week.

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