If at first…

…you don’t succeed, try, try again. If you’re still not succeeding, it’s time to change the plan.

I wanted to do a Bertha Gray Hayes miniature overshot pattern for the chair fabric. I planned to use doubled 5/2 cotton for the pattern weft, with the warp and the tabby weft both 8/2 cotton. So […]

How is it possible?

How is it possible that an entire day is gone and I’ve got so little to show for it? I spent — it felt like wasted — hours researching gas ranges. I’ve tried for 2 months to like the really nice ceramic-top electric stove that came with my house. It has lots of really […]

Two more complete

After some days of less-than-stellar productivity I’ve finally finished weaving EK’s custom baby wrap. That’s hers and LY’s all wound on my cloth beam, 11 yards of evidence of my hard work. I’ll cut their wraps off the loom this afternoon and start the off-loom finishing process. I could have them ready for the […]

Not following orders

I’ve been successfully balancing weaving and not-weaving in the past few days. I’m now halfway through E’s wrap with the lavender silk, so it’s all downhill from here!

I have a home energy audit scheduled for this afternoon. They apparently take 3-4 hours! I expect I’ll be able to do my own thing for […]

A good/not good day

Although Jack’s still on his vet-required-no-walk-time and couldn’t come with me, I got to see another beautiful sunrise this morning.

As usual, I came home, fed Jack his breakfast, and then it was play time.

Except it wasn’t. Jack didn’t want to play. He didn’t seem to be feeling well. Since he’d scratched […]