All Wound Up

4 bouts for PK & JS

It took two days and lots of breaks. Breaks long enough to watch movies in between. Literally. I’d wind a bout then sit down & watch a movie. Wind another bout, watch another movie.

Those are long breaks indeed, but that’s what my body needed me to do. This cold is finally breaking, but I had to bail on today’s family Easter celebration. If I could have simply popped in for a few hours and then gone home to nap, I would have done that, but with a 2-hour drive in each direction, that wasn’t possible. Hopefully my house will sell and I’ll be able to move closer before too many more holidays go by.

So, clockwise from top left, the colors in this warp are aquamarine to medium blue, medium blue to mauve to a bit of raspberry, raspberry to dark pink, and dark pink to salmon. I found winding this warp interesting. Usually I’m a bright-color lover. This time there’s something about that dark pink to salmon that just draws me in. I love it. The photo doesn’t do it justice.

I’m weaving three short warps on this warp, 2 for PK and 1 for JS. I’ll get the warp beamed tomorrow and at least start threading the heddles, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get it all done even though the threading is all done while seated. We’ll see how my energy holds up.

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