Scarf bling


Now why would I have these 2 tiny dishes of sequins on the stool next to my loom? Could it be I’m using them to add a little bling to a scarf?

scarf with sequins on the loom

I warped my loom with 6.5 yards of twilight silk, threading & treadling to insert sequins as I went. Hopefully one of these will work for my jurying this year.

At the beginning and end of each scarf I’ve inserted 5 rows of 7 sequins each, then randomly inserting 2 sequins in each of the interim rows. I had to cut off the first scarf, twist the fringe, and gently wet finish it to see if it was going to work or if I needed to make modifications before I wove the second one.

Here’s how it looks on Dolly.

bling scarf on Dolly

It worked well! I’m almost done weaving the second scarf. As you can imagine, it’s a s..l..o…w weave.

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