The Skinny

When I’m measuring the warp for my baby wraps, I have to make 4 ’bouts’ or groups of threads. Each bout is roughly 190 threads wide. Not only is that the capacity of my warping mill, but wider bouts tend to cause beaming problems.

I take those bouts over to the loom, insert the […]


At the end of each calendar year I have to do a lot of counting. Counting more than 200 cones, pounds, and skeins of yarn, over 150 finished pieces of weaving, and a remarkable amount of beads and precious metals left from my jewelry-making days, especially given how much I’ve already sold.

I gather […]

Christmas Gifts

I promised to show you the gifts I made for adults for Christmas. It started with a request from my daughter for a pair of knitted boot cuffs. I like doing cables, so I figured all I had to do was get some idea of the number of stitches I needed and design some cables. […]

New Year Looms, 2015

Every year Meg suggests that weavers post photos of their looms as they sit on New Year’s Day. I’ve played this little game for a few years now. Unlike Meg, who took some really cool, artsy-type shots of her looms this year, mine pix are very straightforward.

From smallest to largest:

My LeClerc rigid […]