TA already has 2 of my handwoven baby wraps. But she was the ‘sister’ on both of those. That is, she wasn’t able to choose the warp colors, only her weft color & weaving pattern. She wanted a chance to start from the beginning.

Today I was able to finish weaving that second bling scarf […]

Scarf bling

Now why would I have these 2 tiny dishes of sequins on the stool next to my loom? Could it be I’m using them to add a little bling to a scarf?

I warped my loom with 6.5 yards of twilight silk, threading & treadling to insert sequins as I went. Hopefully one […]

3 Wrapped Up

On Saturday I finished the weaving on JS & LYY’s wraps. I cut them off the loom and took them to my sewing machine. Things went okay for the first 5 straight lines I needed to sew. On the 6th my presser foot start jumping – the problem that caused me to trade in […]

Really??? 7???

Although I don’t go through much in a year, not more than a dozen foil packets, Brioschi is far and away my effervescent antacid of choice. Originally made in Italy. And now discontinued.

I have only a few of their foil packets left (which I much prefer to the bottle since they stay […]

Changing Colors

I’ve gotten lots of weaving done in the past few days. In fact, I finished weaving JS’s wrap and am more than halfway through YY’s first wrap.

I had a bunch of knots in the warp threads so had to replace them. That meant hanging repair threads, each of which required some attention every time […]