Braided Baby Blanket

My niece is having a baby. Her first. It’s a girl. Sure I could have gone to Babies R Us and bought something off her registry, but I didn’t want to do that.

I’m a weaver. I wanted to weave her something. No not something, I wanted to weave her a baby blanket. I […]

Ah, spring!

The weather has been just beautiful since I’ve been home on my mini vacation. I have been doing just what I said I would – weaving and weeding. And reading. Good things all three.

The radar map tells me that we should get some actual rain today, as opposed to the promised-but-never-delivered rain of […]

SB #4616

Upfront full disclosure – this post is not ‘fair and balanced.’ Also, I don’t claim to know enough to be able to have a good debate with a really well-read person on the other side of the issue. There are tons of websites where you can get all the graphs, charts, and arguments, both pro […]

Two more batches

The other day I was wondering why I was able to both weave so many more pieces in March and keep up better with the blog posts. It didn’t take too long for me to come up with the answer. My hours at my paycheck job jumped substantially. So instead of weaving 32 scarves like […]