Now THAT’s Cold!

That’s what my thermometer looked like at 2:00AM when I loaded my wood stove. It was still the same at 6:30AM when I got up.

By 8:00AM it had risen to minus 10, and by 10:30AM, with the sun shining brightly, it was 10 above. That’s when I took my daily walk.

I wasn’t […]

Can I do that?

label list

I like many things about the WordPress platform I use for this blog, and about the theme I’ve chosen.

On thing I don’t like, however, is the way they handle tags.

I make it a point to categorize each of my posts so that readers (and I) can have a better chance […]

Napkin Exchange

Tick tock says the clock.

Where DOES the time go?

Back in my new year’s wannas, I mentioned that I’ve joined a napkin exchange as a way to expand my weaving skills. I said I’d tell more about that later, and intended to return to the topic within a week. Well here it […]

Beautiful Branches

It’s exceedingly crisp and cold out, but the sky is a bright clear blue, so I had to go out with my camera.

The way that nature responds to such harsh conditions is amazing to me, as I sit bundled in my home with my wood stove cranking out the heat. Today I decided to […]

Creative Results

What the heck is that a picture of? Fuzzy snakes? Hairy cables? Just a mess?

Nope, they’re the results of yesterday’s creative efforts. They’re braided scarves, each made from at least 5 kinds of yarn.

Here’s a pic of just one so you can see what it really looks like.

I made […]