Pink Infinity

As planned, last night I removed the final Think Pink bamboo scarf from the loom. I also did the sewing needed to make it into an infinity scarf.

Infinity scarves are also called endless scarves, loop scarves, and other names, but I like infinity scarf the best, so that’s what I’m using. Basically, it’s a single length of fabric that is looped back onto itself so that there are no ends. This means you can loop it around your neck as you wish, with no worries that it’ll slide off or that you’ll accidently dip the end into your soup. The winter-weight scarves are often wide enough so that they can be pulled up over your head creating a cowled hood. For spring and summer, I didn’t think that was appropriate.

So I made this handwoven infinity scarf from a soft and supple bamboo-cotton blend of yarn. It’s lightweight and easy to care for.

Here’s what it looks like looped twice around my neck.
handwoven infinity scarf

And here it is looped three times.
handwoven infinity scarf

Your turn: too long or short? too wide or narrow? too trendy? just right?

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