9 towels this week

I got those 3 log cabin towels hemmed and wet finished. Here’s one in its entirety.

wet finished log cabin towel

I am still quite ambivalent about them. I chose yellow for the solid color because sometime, someplace, I heard that the most common paint color for kitchens is yellow. I think I would have liked them better if I’d chosen blue for the solid. But maybe not. I’m guessing I’ll have these towels for some time.

I also got the 6 bumberet towels woven, hemmed, and wet finished. Here’s the full width so you can see all 14 colors in the warp, with the periwinkle weft.

periwinkle bumberet on loom

I wove each towel with a different weft color.
6 bumberet towels

I surprised myself by picking the pale green as my favorite. I never would have predicted that. But as I said to a friend, I can almost feel the spring breezes coming off that towel.

6 bumberet towels, folded square

This afternoon I mailed off 1 of the log cabin, 2 of the bumberet, and 1 other towel I’d found in my stash to Cazenovia Artisans to augment my display there. I’ve also sold one of those bumberet towels locally.

As soon as I have time I’ll do the glam shots for the other towels and put them up in my Etsy store. Gee, I have so much to put in there! Where does the time go?

6 comments to 9 towels this week

  • Debbie Fister

    I love the bumberet. Gives me an idea to destash some of my stuff: Tencel for scarves, cotton for towels.

  • Peg Cherre

    No idea where the name came from, Alma. Do some googling and let us all know.

    Theresa – I saw many drafts, and picked one that looked like the easiest threading and treadling. Don’t remember where I got it. Shared it in the previous post.

    Thanks, Jennifer, for your continued support.

    Thanks, Judy. Wonder how many you’ll get to see in person. 🙂

  • Judy T

    The bumberets are all lovely! I keep choosing a different favorite. Busy busy lady!

  • Oh how pretty the bumberet towels are. Did you use the Handwoven draft or another? I rather like the first towel lower left. I have to laugh about kitchens, I had mine in mango orange for many years and my grandmother’s was aqua with a plaid wallpapered ceiling, red, white and aqua I’m sure. So 50’s!

  • Jennifer P.

    Can’t wait to use my new towel!

  • Alma

    I like the log cabin, even if you don’t!

    Bumberet – what an interesting name. Whence cometh?

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