Tshirt with paint

There’s some evidence that I was painting. All day today. 10AM – 4PM.

paint on my arm

And evidence that I’m a slob. Not a neat painter. A few years ago I hired a neighbor to do some painting at my old house to get it ready for sale. She did both interior and some exterior painting. Didn’t get a drop of paint on her. Not. One. Drop. Clearly that’s not my style.

arbor painted

My wonderful son did the necessary grinding/wire brushing yesterday afternoon to get my beautiful arbor ready for painting, and started the job. I finished it today. We used an oil-based paint. Tough stuff. By the time I was done my brush and the paint itself felt like I was brushing on tar. Should last a good long time.

Threw out the Tshirt and shorts I was wearing. Spent a good long time with mineral spirits getting the overwhelming majority of paint off my skin, then took a nice long shower. I’m sure some spots are still there and will need to wear off.

But it was a good thing we took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and got the job done, since my climbing hydrangea leaves were opening almost as I watched; I planted it last summer and am training it to climb the arbor and create shade, beauty, and attraction for flying things. My forsythia and hyacinth blossoms opened today, too.

climbing hydrangea

Glad I got one more job I didn’t want to do off my to-do list.

6 comments to Evidence

  • Peg Cherre

    Alma – If it had been water-based paint I would definitely have saved the clothes for next time. But oil-based enamel? Wouldn’t put that in my washer!

  • Alma

    Now, me, I wouldn’t have tossed the clothes, I would have washed them and saved them for my next messy project.

    And, I beg your pardon, but sewer grates, round rod and farm implements never looked at all like this beautiful arbor!!

  • Peg Cherre

    Judy – I have the same reactions – both of them. 🙂

    Cindie – I’m glad to know I’m not the only one.

    Theresa – I did wish I’d worn long sleeves and long pants. Next time…..

    To all – My arbor is a true work of art and bringer of joy. Created by my hubby from sewer grates, farm implements, and round rod. Then cut into parts and moved to Rochester by my son, eventually making it back into one piece and into my yard. They are two of a kind, these men!

  • LOL, I have worn more than my fair share of paint, but you might have me beat. Next round, save an old long sleeved shirt for painting and tossing.
    The arbor is magical!

  • We must have learned to paint at the same place – I also wear a lot of it when painting. Love your arbor!

  • Judy T

    Nice days work Peg!
    Every time I see that beautiful arbor, I smile and think of Russ. And then I giggle and think of Mike walking it over to your new home….
    It will look so lovely with your hydrangeas on it as they grow taller and climb.

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