I’m like a crow

I’m not necessarily attracted to shiny things, but “Oooo…that’s a cool technique, let me try that.” “Oh look, there’s another one; I should try that.” “Wow, that one’s marvelous; I need to do that.”

And so it goes. I never have/make the time to fully explore one thing before I’m on to the next. You could say I’m easily distracted. Or easily bored. Or unable to focus long enough to master something. Or quite creative. Or just scattered. All would be true.

So here is a finished shot of the three scarves I began here.

3 JR-RD multi-colored warp scarves

I’m very happy with them. So happy that I immediately began winding another multi-colored warp, which I showed you here. I just finished the hard press on those three scarves.

brick multi-colored scarves

The warp for these scarves is a combination of mercerized cotton, tencel, and a handpainted bamboo-cotton blend. The weft for the two scarves at the top of the photo is an adobe tencel. I used two different treadlings, although the one on the left is pretty subtle. That’s okay. The third scarf, at the bottom, has a sienna tencel weft with some stripes of doubled 20/2 mercerized gold cotton. That gold looked SO bright on the loom that I was afraid to put more of it in that I did. When it’s all finished it’s so toned down by the sienna that I wish I’d inserted more. C’est la vie.

Clearly still not done with this concept, I decided I had to dye some yarn. I need to weave some more larger pieces, so wound roughly 42 ounces of 10/2 cotton into skeins. TEDIOUS! A little over half of it will be warp with the remaining planned for weft. In this photo the yarn is all still wet, but you can see I planned a gemtones mix, a departure from the two previous earthy mixes. Hope it turns out well. 🙂

2 comments to I’m like a crow

  • Sherron Pampalone

    Amazing work, love your thoughts, being a crow, I do something, get easily distracted, and often make myself sit down and finish kitchen towels at this time…. Beautiful things you create!

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks, Sherron. I often ‘treat’ myself to something, like 20 minutes of reading a good book, and then go back to the loom. I particularly use this strategy if what I’m weaving at the moment doesn’t move me. Or if I’m just bored with the colors, textures, or treadling. Or if I see something shiny…. 😉

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