3 finished scarves

I’ve had these three tencel scarves, woven with some of my handpainted yarn, finished for a while, but somehow still don’t have them tagged. Ditto with those towels I wove more than a month ago. I told myself I wouldn’t let this happen again, that I’d tag things immediately. Clearly I lie to myself all the time. Sigh.

Anyway, I showed them to you on the loom. Interesting how different some things look when they’re off the loom and you can see the whole piece at once.

I’m not fond of the scarf with the black weft, even though I usually love this weave structure. It’s just too dark overall.

handwoven coral & turquoise scarf with black

Honestly, I can’t decide which of these two cowls I prefer. The shorter cowl with the sienna weft in a simple zig zag weave pattern…
handwoven coral & turquoise cowl, sienna weft

…or the longer cowl in a diamond weave pattern, with an orange weft and a few bands of gold.

handwoven coral & turquoise cowl, orange weft, down

handwoven coral & turquoise cowl, orange weft, doubled

I have a few more things complete – or almost – for next time. I’ve also been working on that skirt I mentioned in an earlier post. I have so many ideas! If only I had as much time and energy a I had thoughts. 😉

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