From baby to mobi & the warp from hell

August has been crazy busy for me, in a good way. Another night of silent disco with friends. A trip to Longwood Gardens, meeting my BFF from West Virginia there, and watching a wonderful, uplifting concert by Ladysmith Black Mambazo. They sang this beautiful song, among others. Shopping with my son for his first home. (He’s putting in an offer today for one he’s really hoping for, so send all your positive thoughts this way.) So far less weaving than usual for me.

I did, however, come across a custom baby wrap that a mom had ordered and subsequently didn’t buy. (Just one of several reasons I stopped weaving baby wraps.) I decided to turn it into a mobius wrap. Based on comments I received at my last show, I decided not to cut the length, instead making it into a large size wrap. We’ll see how it goes. I can always shorten it later if needed.

handwoven mobius

I also squeezed in time to weave that red-violet and teal warp I’d hand painted. Decided to use a huck lace pattern. Wove the first one with a red-violet warp that was almost identical to the color I’d dyed. I was surprised that I didn’t like it better. Even as I was weaving it, it was too dark, too much red-violet for me.

hand painted red-violet and teal scarf

For the second scarf I used an azure weft that was almost identical to the blue I’d dyed. I also modified the treadling slightly to weave what I’ve called huck-ish…only half of the weft pattern as above. Love it!

hand painted azure and red-violent scarf

I’d planned to weave 1 long cowl, but based on my sales in July, modified that to 2 short cowls. Wove the first, again with that huck-ish treadling, using that green that I’ve-had-hanging-around-forever-and-hated-but-loved-when-I-used-it. Love it here, too. 😉

hand painted red-violet and green cowl

For the next cowl I went back to that red-violet weft, this time using the huck-ish treadling. Meh.

hand painted red-violet and teal cowl

Then my loom magician and the parts from Macomber lined up with my schedule and my Macomber was fixed! I knew I didn’t have time to weave all 3 shawls I’d warped it for, but believed I could do 1. I did, but it wasn’t fun. This warp is turning into the warp from hell. Although I completely re-tensioned it after the loom repair, my shed was consistently full of threads hanging low, so the weaving was slow with plenty of unweaving as I spotted a skipped thread some picks back, and there are still some treadling errors. Nothing that will impact the usefulness of the shawl, but it annoyed the heck out of me. Just like my weaving with rayon chenille, it’s a good thing I like it so much when it’s complete or I would have cut it off and thrown it all away.

hand painted black and white shawl

I’m hoping that when I return to it, again re-tensioning it, that I can eliminate the frustration. Keep your fingers crossed.

Now, if you’re anywhere near Buffalo this weekend, do come to the Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts. I’ll be there with all my wares. 🙂 Gotta run now – time to drop Jackie off at my daughter’s for the weekend.

3 comments to From baby to mobi & the warp from hell

  • Peg Cherre

    Thanks, Alma.

    Theresa – I’ve loved Ladysmith since I first heard them on Paul Simon’s Graceland album many years ago. Was thrilled that I could see them in person. My son was outbid on that house, so we’re back to looking. It will happen.

  • Lovely work, as frustrating as it may have been. That song is beautiful indeed. I played it twice before coming back to leave a comment. And fingers crossed for that first house. The first one is sort of magical. 🙂

  • Alma

    Beautiful work! Best of luck at Elmwood!!

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