A New Gradient

I’ve been busy in the last few weeks. I joined 6 of my friends for a small, local show – 2 full days plus prep & post. I visited my daughter, son-in-law, & grandson. I enjoyed Mother’s Day with my son. I gave my lawn the first mow of the season – although a mere four days later you would never know I did. I did a bunch of other things, too, but obviously I didn’t blog.

Now I’m back to having fun weaving. (Of course that means I’m simultaneously thinking about the fact that I should be weeding & mulching my garden. And mowing again. And all those other things that are on my list.)

KM & TA are warp sisters. They’ve never met, but they’re sharing a warp. Three colors in the warp, separated by gradients. Here’s bout 2, going from navy blue to lavender.
KM & TA - bout 2

And here’s bout 3, going from lavender to pale gray.

KM & TA, bout 3

I really like the way these colors look together. Here’s how the entire warp looks while under tension while I beam it. As usual, the colors at my loom are not good – the ones on the warping mill are much closer to real life. I wonder if I bring up my halogen floor lamp if that’ll give me good color. Maybe I’ll try it.

beaming KM & TA

Tomorrow I’ll thread the heddles. I think I’ll also get some weeding done, and I’ll pick up some mulch from town. I may even try again to get what I seek as the perfect chicken barbecue – the fireman are cooking one tomorrow. My family can usually may WAY better barbecued chicken, but I do love it so keep trying the local ones.

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