The Joys of the Season

I do love Christmas. The best part is, of course, getting together with family & friends. What’s not to love about that?! Followed closely by eating terrific food.

Christmas lights

Christmas lights also make me happy. Here’s one of the windows in my house. I’ve just begun hanging the cards I receive in this window, and that’s a little ceramic tree my Mom made years ago. I don’t put up a tree anymore, and in fact was really happy to give my gently-used artificial tree to someone who needed it via Freecycle.

The presents are the smallest part of this season for me. I’m glad that I’ve managed to stay within a reasonable budget and feel good about it this year. Some years I spend way too much, or feel bad about not spending way too much. I guess being real about it and feeling good is one of the benefits of age/maturity.

This year unfortunately too many people’s lives are filled with sorrow. Parents in Connecticut. Families of men & women in the service who are in danger, or worse. People whose loved ones are facing serious illnesses, homelessness, or trauma.

I hope it helps those of us not in these immediate situations remember how lucky we are, and understand that much of this is truly is luck, beyond our control. We can use that knowledge to extend our support, in whatever form it may take, to others. To give gifts of ourselves, our time, our energy, or our finances to those who need it. To pass on feelings of hope, of courage, of we’re-all-in-this-together. More love, less fear.

Every little bit counts. It’s part of my It’s A Wonderful Life belief – that we never know much of the impact we have on others, so it’s important to pass on whatever kindnesses we can.

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