A job well done….or……well……done

Here’s the result of 6 days of hard manual labor.

asparagus moved

Granted, each day I only worked on this from 45 to 90 minutes, but trust me when I tell you that’s all this old body could take.

My asparagus bed is moved – YAY!!!

I moved 28 crowns, and was glad I’d left last year’s stalks on to show me exactly where those crowns were. I’ve dug asparagus crowns before, so knew from first-hand experience that there are lots of roots that, if planted, won’t yield any asparagus.

I’ll be the first to admit that this job could have been done much better. By a 20-year old. Male. With muscles. Ideally, compost, peat moss, vermiculite, and other yummy additives would have been added to the soil as each crown was planted.

It couldn’t have been done better by me. By the time I’d dug those buggers out, they were lucky I could dig the holes to get them in the ground the same day!

So I planted them all, then went back today & top dressed with the above-mentioned amendments, finishing it all with a good, thick layer of mulch. Not only will the mulch help keep down weeds and keep the plants moist if our hot, dry temps continue, it’ll add to the depth, which I’m sure should have been deeper. That’s why I chose to mound those soil amendments up.

Now I just need to wait a few weeks, and see how they do. My mouth is watering already – YUM!

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