Wasps Must Die

Trust me, I don’t bare my thighs. They are decidedly NOT attractive. But I can’t help myself in this case.

Last night I was simultaneously talking on the phone with Margaret and winding a warp on my loom. I bent over to align my separating paper, and BAM, I was stung. Apparently a wasp had landed on my pants leg, and when I bent over I threatened it. Again, I never saw the wasp, before or after the sting. (Margaret had informed me that these were wasps, not hornets as I’d previously claimed.)

I immediately dropped the phone on the floor and went into the medicine cabinet. Since nothing I’d used on my hand had made a significant difference in reducing swelling, I figured I might as well try alternate treatments this time. So I grabbed the ichthammol, thinking it might draw out whatever toxin the wasp had injected. I slapped on a big glob, which felt fine, so I put a bandaid over it to keep it in place and away from my pants.

There was little pain, unlike my hand, so I kept working. Later I went to bed, forgetting I’d been stung till I changed into my pjs. Woke up and immediately was itching badly. Applied cortisone cream, which didn’t feel good, so I knew I wouldn’t do that again.

I’ve applied an arnica/st. john’s wort oil 3 or 4 times today to reduce swelling and inflammation. It feels good every time. But this is what my thigh looks like 24 hours after the sting. It’s not painful, but it is warm to the touch.
wasp sting on thigh

Obviously, this can’t go on. So I had no choice but to declare war on the wasps in my house. Today we got 22 – a much larger number than I would have guessed. Some were squished, some put outside to live or die as nature saw fit.

I’ve not had this dramatic reaction to bee stings before, so I’m a bit curious as to whether my current physical responses are because these are wasps instead of bees, this particular species of wasps, or if I’ve developed a sensitivity to all types of stings. Not curious enough to do an experiment with stings, mind you, 😉 but curious nonetheless.

Your turn: Does taking bee pollen orally help reduce sensitivity? Is there something else that does?

8 comments to Wasps Must Die

  • Wilbur Brisco

    A bee sting is very painful. To give you a sting a bee loses its life. It leaves a venomous sac which has to be withdrawn immediately. These stings can be fatal if proper measures are not taken. It is known that due to bee stings many people have lost their lives. Swelling, itching and constant pain is what you suffer due to the sting. There are allergic reactions too which can take people’s life.”

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  • Sanford Molloy

    When i get a bee sting, what i would usually do is use topical anti-inflammatories to relieve the pain. `”””‘

    Have a great day!“>

  • Alma

    Does Benadryl spray do anything for you? I like the idea of a sting pen, too. Alternatively, instead of getting 22 wasps. I think you should get a 22 and blast them away. Do ya hear, I mean ta say . . .

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks, Alma. I tried oral Benadryl for my hand, & I don’t know if it had any impact. I phoned my PCP for a bee sting kit prescription today, and am waiting to hear back from her.

      Is that Foghorn Leghorn’s voice I hear in the background advocating gun play?

  • Judy

    Yikes! Peg – that seems worrisome to me. I know people who have developed allergies to stings and it isn’t fun. How about asking your doctor to prescribe a bee sting kit for you so you could keep it on hand (just in case).

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks for this concrete suggestion, Judy. I think that’s a good idea, and will make a call to my PCP this week.

  • I do hope you’re protecting my Baxter! He’s a city dog and has never even seen the likes of a wasp.

    • Peg Cherre

      You little baby is just fine. He’s having fun playing with Dixie – but only inside the house. Outside Dixie’s only allowed on a run.

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