Twill Clasped Weft

I finally got some decent pictures of that cayenne baby wrap. Natural light is what it’s all about, for sure, especially with some colors and designs.

Here’s the wrap, showing both sides of it.

Again, I wove a different design on the ends. I’m less enthusiastic about these than I was about the zig […]

Baby Wrap #4

I’ve gotten enough feedback from my first 2 testing mamas for sample wrap #2 that I was comfortable weaving the second wrap on that warp.

Here’s what the draft looked like in my computer software.

Although the color is way off, to me, the snowflake image is very clear, although some friends are sure […]

Woven Skyline

I’m going to start by saying that I am happy with this clasped weft scarf, but not happy enough to send it to the Roycroft jury. I plan to make another, going even slower and more carefully. I do think it’s a great concept, and I am definitely not done with clasped weft. (I wove […]

New Year Looms, 2014

Every year Meg over at Unravelling asks weavers to post photos of their looms on New Year’s Day. In all their glory — or not. No glamming things up for the shots. Here are my looms, now numbering four (gasp!) as is and where they sit.

First in my home and my heart, my beloved […]