Honey Berries Scarves

It’s amazing how changing the weft color can completely change the look of a woven item. All three scarves on this page were woven on the same warp. Which one of these silk scarves calls to you?
handwoven Dark Honey Berries scarf

The 100% silk warp for these three scarves was hand painted in gold, light chocolate, magenta, with a touch of grape. Each of these scarves is 9-1/2″ wide and 72″ long, plus the double-twisted fringe.

Dark Honey Berries – above and below – was woven with a fine black weft in a 50/50 blend of cashmere and silk.
Contact me to purchase Dark Honey Berries; $145

handwoven scarf, Dark Honey Berries

If that’s too dark for your skin tone and hair color, the Light Honey Berries may suit you. This scarf also has a weft that is 50/50 cashmere and silk blend, this time in natural.
Contact me to purchase Light Honey Berries; $145

handwoven Light Honey Berries

Too light? Like Goldilocks, this one may be just right – and is golden-toned to boot! The weft on this scarf is 100% silk.
Contact me to purchase Gold Honey Berries; $125

handwoven Gold Honey Berries scarf